About Us

IV Gentlemen Luxury men's wear is an online retailer of men's custom suits. Traditional sartorial tailoring technics combined with the latest fit technology is use to create our luxury best bespoke garments. We  understand the diverse need of confident gentlemen who care not only to wear a unique suit, but also live in it. This is why IV Gentlemen has dedicated to men's elegance helping build self-confidence every time a luxury custom garment is worn.

IV Gentlemen started in 2014 with its very first labels, Jhonny Islands and Uomo d'Affari tailored made right off the rack authentically Made in Italy becoming really popular in the San Francisco bay area. In 2016 Four Gentlemen fusionend the two brands into the incredible "IV Gentlemen Italian Luxury" line for all off the rack and custom garments. Since then we have sourced around the world to find the best fabrics and techniques that would meet IV Gentlemen Italian Luxury expectations, and are proud to offer custom clothing made with the best materials and craftsmanship the world has to offer. To choose IV Gentlemen Luxury men's wear means preference in quality, excellence, and appreciation for good clothing.

IV Gentlemen Team